Long time, no see


So yeah, it’s been some time now since the last post. I’ve sort of taken a break since my crazy “read for the exams” period.

But I have good news! I passed two of the exams!! (YAY!!) and I am currently practicing my painting skills.

So, since I work in a comic book store I bought some citadel paint and pencils just to try it out (I know it is made for painting miniatures, but heck I am weak when it comes to creative stuff)

And I love the colours!!! It is not exactly high quality acrylic for artistic painting (though, painting a miniature is an art in it self, wow, creds to you who do that) but I still loved it and I love working on this project.

I won’t say anymore now. I will make a new post about the painting after it is done with some details about why and how I made it. So be patient.

Here are some pictures though! Enjoy!





Okey, so I haven’t blogged much lately. I have exams and midterms, again…

So yeah, my head is rebelling these days and is introducing some anarchy as well.
When this is your life for several months then your head just goes like “lol, nope!”




So my mind is just going like: “draw!” “Draw new tattoos!” “Get new tattoos!” “Listen to Panic! At the Disco!” “Watch some anime!” “Read comics!” “Read books!” “Make a list of EVERYTHING !” “Check tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress and snapchat!”

Here is one of my thousand lists btw..


I do know that I have to read though, but unfortunately the little voice who says so gets crushed and beaten down by all the other thoughts I have..

On the bright side I got some new sketches for you guyes. Enjoy!






Who the hell ate all the meat?

So the One Piece painting is FINALLY DONE!

I think I used 2-3 weeks on this picture. And i love it!

I figured one day that I just could not read anymore on the corriculum about philosophers, phonetics and grammar. So I just started to paint over an old Ikea picture of mine.

During this time I watched alot of clips on Youtube from One Piece wich is one of my favorite animes. The clips in the earlier post I made where Luffy is imitating Sanji, Zoro and Chopper is just hilarious so I figured I wanted to paint this scene just for fun. 

Here are some work in progress photos:



Here are the finished result:



Music worth playing loud!

So perhaps your neighbours will hate you after this post. My neighbour already hates me. But I managed to get to her good side with my cat and some tea, so try that if you get angry neighbours.

But I would like to recommend some music!

This song are my “get in a FREAKIN AWESOME mood” songs. If you have a bad day, then these songs will definately help!

These are the song that you burst your ears out with because they are so increadibly awesome and you just get goosebumbs when you hear them. Also if you are one of us creative ones then you will love these songs!

1: Unthouchable – Magenta

2: Heaven Knows – The Pretty Reckless

3: Crushcrushcrush – Paramore

4: Last Hope – Paramore

5: Lotion – Greenkeepers

6: Save My Soul – Blues Saraceno

7: Arrietty’s Song (Japanese version) – Imaginary Flying Machines

8: I Sat By The Ocean – Queens of the Stone Age

9: Theatre – Icon for Hire

10: Demon Kitty Rag – Katzenjammer

11: When the Laughter’s Gone – Katzenjammer

12: Satellite – Rise Against

13: Die Polizei – Kaizers Orchestra

14: Prosessen – Kaizers Orchestra

15: Maestro – Kaizers

16: En for Orgelet, en for meg – Kaizers

17: Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

18: Supremacy – Muse

19: New Fang – Them Crooked Vultures

20: Cloak & Dagger – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour


I would also recommend Lana Del Rey.

She has a bit more calm soulish music so that is why I did not put her on the first list. But these songs are my favorites of her and they are DEFINATLY worth playing LOUD. So just sit back and enjoy. This lady know how to create the right mood in her music.

1: Young and Beautiful

2: Video Games

3: Summertime Sadness

4: Dark Paradise

5: Ride

6: Blue Velvet

7: Bel Air

8: Yayo

9: American

10: Once Upon A Dream

This day’s positivity buff

So I haven’t slept much lately. After we came home from New Zealand I’ve become a bit restless.

I am having trouble reading for school but I am having a crazy creative time right now.

I got super inspired by Magenta’s song “untouchable” and by the illustrator Gabriel Moreno. So instead of reading about aristoteles I ran up to the bookshop at campus a bought myself a sketchbook, some colours and began to draw.

Here is the results!



Sorry for the crappy photos, I only have the camera on the phone to take pictures with right now