Currently at work I have alot of stuff I wish to buy; Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Batman tshirts, Avengers and Justice League drinking glass and coasters, Barnes and Noble leatherbound books such as Star Wars, Charles Dickens, The Bronte Sisters and so on. there is so much! But I have to save money… 

Then again I have some comics now that I have not had the time to finish.. And I have alot of creative ideas as well that i want to draw, so at least I can reward myself by reading them after the last exam. 

These are the ones I am currently reading:

The Walking Dead:


Awesome zombie apocalypse comic! This comic is made into the tvseries with the same name, but there is a HUGE plot twist in the comic that they changed in the tv show! But I will not spoil anything.

The comic is about a policeman who wakes up at a hospital from a coma and realize that there is a zombie apocalypse. He is then travelling alog with a party to just get away from the zombies. This is a good mix of drama and zombie gore. love the series! I am currently on volume 2.



Another apocalypse series. But this time there is something else then zombies lurking around. In this comic there is some kind of virus who has made people absolutely crazy! This is one sick comic and even I, who can stand alot of gore is shocked about the blood and gore. A really, really sick comic, but very interesting! I cannot wait until I get to know what has happend to cause this crazyness.

The Sandman:


An abstract comic made my Neil Gaiman. Fantasy of course. I love it! But I have to give it some time, or rather, I have to read the whole thing at once because it is so abstract. But I love the whole idea of Mr.Sandman, Death and so on (Wich are characters in this comic)



One of my favorites! This is a good mix of fantasy and science fiction. Increadibly awesome and creative characters and the narrator of the story is actually the kid of the main characters telling their story.

The plot is about these two species who has been at war for centuries and, well basicly, the species hate each others guts. 

But then two people from the two different species fall in love. So there is a full on hunt on these two “traitors”, and the hunters are AMAZING! They are a mix of royalties and assasins. And the characters are so freakin awesome! I love the creativity that has been put into them!




Another one of my favorites!

This one messes with your brain. And I love it!

The comic is about a person who was in a riot at a mental hospital. Everyone at the mental institution is well, crazy during the riot, but this one character is just staring at the wall. And through the wall another character is entering through a void. This person leans towards he who is staring at him and points at him saying: “You will become colder.”

So the main character is growing colder! he is basicly blue in skin colour. But he can see other people’s mental illness and so he can cure them. But the villian, he can see the mental illnesses as well, but he is feeding on them and makes the people who have them take suicides.

The villian reminds me of The Joker from Batman, but he has this 40\50ies style upon him, and he creeps and crawls around  at walls and stuff around people.  

The comics are so freakin epic! And I love them!

But then again, time…. argh, I cannot wait until I am done with this exam. I will read so many books, comic and play ocarina of time at the time that I will not get one minuet of sleep! 



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